SODOMIZER / HANDS OF ORLAC – Resurrection Of The Dead 7”EP

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Brazilian Sodomizer and Italian/Swedish Hands Of Orlac might at first glance seem like an unlikely coupling for a split
release. While it is true that the bands might be far removed from each other musically, both bands have ongoing
themes based on horror and, what is more important, have been crafting their own individual styles for years and are
equally recognizable in the endless sea of copycats and pretenders.
With both bands having released their albums on Horror Records (with more to come in 2014) we felt there was no way
around this release conceived in fraternal unison by the bands.
This is a release for those with an ear for good (or rather, evil) Metal and it is a sharp-spiked fist in the face of those
more concerned with putting a category label on bands and whether this category currently allows a band to be
considered cool. For everyone else it will be a horrific listen!

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