SEDIMENTUM – Suppuration Morphogénésiaque LP

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Galaxy green vinyl. Comes in gatefold jacket, includes poster.
A burgeoning cacophony of rotten old school putridity is packed with a charnel atmosphere while constantly firing on all cylinders.
SEDIMENTUM’s debut LP dives headlong into a chunky blend of overdriven bass, gut-splitting guitars, skull-pummelling drums and absolutely gargantuan vocals. Befitted with a raw, uncompressed production that harkens back to when Death Metal terrified the masses with its violently unwelcoming sounds, this is not an album that faint-hearted trendies will like.

This is pure unfiltered filth. As the glorious Brad Moore cover artwork aesthetically displays, the grotesque and malignant horrors on this album are vibrant and unforgettable, something the music lives up to and surpasses expectations with. Following a couple of great demos and splits, the underground has recognised SEDIMENTUM as the real deal, with a loyal legion of real Death Metal diehards already adoring the Quebecois mob of miscreants.
Now the curtain has been pulled back for their first full length album and all manner of unearthly beings spew forth.
You will be putrefied and you will love it.

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