PUKEWRAITH – Banquet of Scum LP (Black Vinyl)

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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present PUKEWRAITH’s highly anticipated debut album, Banquet of Scum, on vinyl LP format.

Sporting one of the best monikers around, PUKEWRAITH is a solo-project of Brendan Dean, erstwhile vocalist/guitarist of BLOOD HARVEST titans GUTVOID as well as a handful of other bands that currently includes Fumes, Soul Devourment, Wexler’s Prime, Alucard, and Simulcra. Obviously, the man is super-busy as well as -talented, and while those talents run the metallic gamut (with an obvious affection for death metal), PUKEWRAITH is naturally his most traditionally gore-soaked work. The last couple years have seen an EP, split, and single, and finally the band’s first full-length, Banquet of Scum.

Released late last year on CD, PUKEWRAITH’s Banquet of Scum is now finally finding a fitting vinyl release courtesy of BLOOD HARVEST. While there’s undoubtedly some links shared with his stellar work in GUTVOID – namely, the all-consuming sense of devourment, be it physical or spiritual – here does Dean hit with a straightforward pulse ‘n’ crush not unlike early Grave, Hypocrisy, and Sinister, all tempered with well-timed downtempo breakdowns and a bevy of mind-melted solos. And while GUTVOID’s muse lately has been trending toward the cosmos, PUKEWRAITH fittingly stick to the sewers, plumbing the depths of gore and depravity with relish and, daresay, fun; not for nothing is the album titled Banquet of Scum. Cruise with the Gravesmasher and begin feasting again, or for the first time, with BLOOD HARVEST’s new vinyl edition!

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