PREGIERZ – Blood Sanctions 2×7″EP (Black Vinyl)

80.00 kr

Death / Black Metal. Poland.

BLACK VINYLS – Limited to 200 Copies (This).
RED & WHITE VINYLS – Limited to 100 Copies.

Always on the hunt for the most savage sounds in the metal underground, BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present PREGIERZ’ Blood Sanctions on a double-7″. Originally released last year as a demo cassette, Blood Sanctions is the debut recording of this Polish duo, formed from a long-time friendship between two maniacs from Lower Silesia. The idea of creating a band was present in their minds for many years, and at last materialized in the summer of 2013. Firmly committed to the death metal and black metal scenes of the late ’80s and early ’90s, PREGIERZ thrust forth with a crusty ‘n’ cavernous attack that melds death metalled muscle to black metalled atmosphere – but always the most horrifying and repulsive of old-school sounds, far away from trends. Blood Sanctions is just the beginning, and payment must be shed! (Nathan T.Birk)

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