MORBOSATAN – The Last Sacrifice 7″EP (Blood Harvest)

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Release Date: Sept.12th, 2016
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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present MORBOSATAN's vinyl debut, The Last Sacrifice, on 7″ format. MORBOSATAN hail from the cult-metal hotbed of Peru, and have been active with two demos and a MCD since their disgusting birth in 2013. The members have a deep investment in the Peruvian underground, including drummer Toñyn Destructor, who's played with the legendary likes of Hadez and Anal Vomit. Not surprisingly, MORBOSATAN vomit forth a chaotic, careening form of ancient black/death that could only authentically come from South America. It's a scuzzy, sickening sound familiar in the immortal strains of Vulcano, the aforementioned Hadez and Anal Vomit, and early Sarcofago and Sepultura. And The Last Sacrifice is just the beginning!

Limited to 250 Copies!
120x Black Vinyl
50x Translucent Red Vinyl
50x White Vinyl
30x Green Vinyl (Band & Blood Harvest Webshop Only!)

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Weight 100 g
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Green Vinyl, Black Vinyl, Translucent Red Vinyl, White Vinyl


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