FORCE OF DARKNESS – Heritage of Dark Incantations CD (Digi)

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The Chilean Masters of Black/Death Metal Force of Darkness, offering a compilation CD with all previous Ep’s, Splits w/ Bestial Mockery, Wrathprayer, Unreleased & Live tracks. This compendium encloses Dark hymns from our vaults which were scattered across different states and planes and now are bound together in a timeless void. The version includes stickers. FORCE OF DARKNESS, offering the most abrupt, violent and extreme discharge of evil speed metal of death, powerful riffs, unbreaking use of shocking blasts, violent changes, and rawest momentum-based riffing to date and it made for an unforgettable introduction to the hell. From that point on Force of Darkness had established the energy and the spirit of their music so, since then each release has either iterated on certain ideas or refined the riff quality and count.

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