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Highly anticipated 3rd full-length by U.S. death-mongers Dipygus. Spawned in the contaminated sewers of Santa Cruz, California in 2013, Dipygus began as a four-piece mutation performing rudimentary styles of Death Metal, a sonic evolution of the tradition continued from the time of Cro-Magnons.
At 10 songs in 41 minutes, the quartet qualify their most lengthy recording yet with maximum delirium and characteristically crushing execution. Everything here feels massive -tone, feel, supernatural aura- yet somehow simultaneously exhibits a spacious quality that’s unsettling to the Nth degree. Perhaps that’s due to Dipygus’ increasingly twisted songwriting, neither “tech” nor improvisatory, but a certain “elevated caveman” aspect that pushes primitivism toward mind-bending ends. Fleeting-yet-haunting leads also play a part in Dipygus’ menagerie of malodorousness, exacerbating the psychotic reactions in their humid, hellish jungle, and even touches of way-back synths get mangled within, melting into the fuckton heaviness of Dipygus’ riffing. Ever wanna hear the most tripped-out moments of Autopsy, Impetigo and especially Nuclear Death taken to their ILLogicial conclusion? Then enter Dipygus’ self-titled album… if you dare!

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