DEADYN – Backstreet Heroes LP

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After 30 thirty years of lying in obscurity comes the first official
reissue of this long lost Italian demo. Back from 1989 is Rimini,
Italy’s DEADYN. For those built for speed and lusting after any
MOTORHEAD influcenced project, this is surely one not to be missed. Cut
from the same leather as Italian groups BULLDOZER, BAPHOMET’S BLOOD, and
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY. This is music made by Adriactic bikers.
Capturing slow, open-E, driving electricity accompanied with a unique
dialectic gurgle. Outlaw music from the Italian wasteland. 9 tracks,
professionally remastered and bleeding raw. Includes tape hiss and
crackle, for true motor maniacs of old. Limited to 500 copies on colored
vinyl with poster. and amazing cover art by Sam Turner!

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