WITCHES HAMMER – Damnation Is My Salvation CD

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Witches Hammer only released a few demos and a 12” EP during the band’s original active period (1984-1990). Non the less, the band occupies a prominent place among the pantheon of Canadian Speed Metal masters.
Although the bands’s name may not have been widely known during its existence, they were a crucial piece of the Vancouver extreme metal scene, most notably through their influence on the members of Blasphemy. (Banco would, of course, later play guitar for Blasphemy on the legendary “Fallen Angel of Doom” album.)

Revived in 2018, to delive the blistering, sinister speed metal for which Witches Hammer is known, the result is the astonishing “Damnation Is My Salvation” album.
Witches Hammer return with the same primitive, evil thrash but slightly blackened and more technical, tastefully reflecting the unavoidable influence of the musical developments during the intervening years, achieving a sound reminiscent of bands like Ares Kingdom and Destroyer 666.
Few bands, if any, have reformed after decades of inactivity to produce such a powerful addition to an already tremendous catalog.
With this album, Witches Hammer both reinforces and builds upon its significant legacy.

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