GRAVE DESECRATOR / SLAUGHTBBATH ‎– Música De Nuestra Muerte – Split 7”EP

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A special split 7″ between two of South America's most elite and barbaric hordes, SLAUGHTBBATH and GRAVE DESECRATOR. Entitled Musica De Nuestra Muerte, this four-song 7″ features one band with whom HELLS HEADBANGERS have worked before, Brazil's GRAVE DESECRATOR, and one with whom the label will soon work, Chile's SLAUGHTBBATH. With exclusive songs from both, SLAUGHTBBATH are up first with their feral, fiery black metal that comfortably flexes its Metal of Death muscles but keeps the ritualistic diabolism in the red and the listener totally possessed. GRAVE DESECRATOR are on the flip, offering an equally fiery blast of their patented “bestial speed metal” preceded by a creepy atmospheric intro, rounding out the record on a rabid note. Submit to the quick-but-lasting possession of Musica De Nuestra Muerte!

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