SHAMBLES – Realm Of Darkness Shrine CD

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From darkness and the pure unholy stench of old school doom/death metal, Shambles was formed in 1997 in Samutprakarn, Thailand. Forged by the dismal and sparse sound of Disembowelment and mixed with the barbaric death noise of Incantation and Autopsy, SHAMBLES will slaughter and annihilate all in sight and torture the ears with terror.

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Webzine Transcending Obscurity states: “Thailand isn’t the kind of place where you would expect such filthy death metal to foster. And yet, here we have a stunning album that’s well written and produced, with excellent imagery and intent. The sludgy music is interspersed with blasting moments a la Disembowelment, and the whole affair is murky, unsettling and dark as a starless night.”

Website Underground Siege hails: “What Shambles offer, is an utterly savage affair of dark, doom-tinged death metal that should excite fans of bands like Anatomia, Autopsy and Coffins. The music is dark, heavy and minimalistic. I like this approach; slow for the most part, but speeds up every so often, adding double bass and blasts for intensity. Everything about this record screams doom and gloom, as the harmonization of bass and guitars conjure an oppressively dark atmosphere that sucks the listener into the interminable abyss. The vocals are deep, blood-curdling gutterals, which encapsulate the feeling of being baptized in one’s own vomit.”

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