SATANCHIST – Drtici Kacirskych Pohlavi LP

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Black/Death/Thrash Metal. Czech.


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The well-hidden gem of old and infamous Czech metal scene from early 90’s is finally unleashed on vinyl. “Crushers of Heretics Genitalia” is a demo recorded in 1992 containing 10 tracks of filthy, blasphemous and perverted Black/Death/Thrash Metal in its most loathsome form with lyrics focused on inquisition and blasphemy. The whole demo was completely re-mastered for this release by Vintage studio in Prague. Expect nothing but real old-school Metal worship influenced by masters such as Slayer, Sodom, Sarcófago, Vulcano, Protector, Venom, Bulldozer, Törr… 21 years have passed until this unique demo finally received the vinyl treatment. LP comes with original artwork (this time full-colored), A4 insert with biography in Czech and English, both-side printed A3 poster and 4-page vinyl insert with lyrics in Czech, English and Spanish.

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