OBSECRATION – The Inheritors of Pain CD

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The underrated monster of a debut full length of the Greek masters of thrash/death/doom metal gets unleashed once again in luxurious cd format coinciding with the 20 years since the original release. Re-mastered by Embrace of thorns’ Herald of demonic pestilence but staying loyal to the old-school sounds, this cd release comes crammed with a variety of bonus tracks from that era, a 20 pages long booklet including lyrics, flyers, photos and liner notes by scene veterans such as: The Magus(Necromantia, Thou Art Lord)Guido(Ysengrin) ,Archfiend Devilpig(Embrace of Thorns),Vagelis Felonis(Necrovorous),Bill Zobolas(Soulskinner/Thou Art Lord) plus lots of others…
A total of 21 tracks featuring : “The Inheritors of Pain” cd ,the “Oblivious” 7”ep from 1993, the “Petrified Remains” demo tape from 1991 plus a previously unreleashed rehearsal from 1992.

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