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Monumental, cavernous black / death metal from Spain, debut recording on vinyl. Perfect for fans of Grave Miasma, Necros Christos etc.

“Four tracks of unrelenting darkness, Necroracle demand you embrace the descent into bleak and ferocious metal. Only by doing that can you truly appreciate just what they are attempting to deliver here with MXXVIII.
A fascinating listen, the EP combines the best of both black and death metal. The former offering a huge sense of scope and the latter driving heavy nails into your flesh.
You’ll get all you need from opener Through the Eyes of Death but it’s not like Necroracle are done with us. Far from it. Revelations hits just as hard and is terrifying in just how ruthless the riffs and vocals are.
Shrines From Beyond’s shorter runtime showcases a track that is all about Necroracle’s death metal abilities with these momentary increases of pace breaking up the main rhythm. The EP then ends on the thumping sonic assault that is Towers of Silence. A traditional base, it’s death metal with plenty of aggression and not much else. Simply put it’s a final track that puts the stamp of approval on MMXVIII.” –

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