HELLVETRON – Dominus Inferi LP

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Us Black/Death/Doom Metal band with members of Black Witchery, Nexul, Nyogthaeblisz…
Tracks A1 to A3 are the previously unreleased “Satanist” demo from 2003. Track A1 was later released on the Satanic Skinhead: Declaration Of Anti-Semetic Terror compilation CD. Re-mastered and re-arranged.
Tracks A4 to B2 were originally released as the Ceremonial Crucifixion demo cassette by Satanic Skinhead Propaganda in 2005. Re-mastered.
Tracks B3 to B5 were recorded live at PRKL Club in Helsinki, Finland during the Black Flames of Blasphemy warm-up show in 2014.
Track B6 is previously unreleased.

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