EVOKED – Lifeless Allurement MLP

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Wow! This is ferocious, complex and destructive. Everything is composed around high quality guitar riffs and deadly structures.
This piece of rottenness is composed by five stinky tracks, full of morbidity and excellent musical arrangements ala classic death metal from 90’s. Coming from Germany, this duo forged an excellent EP that will take you into a trip of classic death metal, with obvious references to big names like Autopsy, Death, Possessed, etc. I really like this one because it seems like is from people involved in death metal music for a long time, and all tracks show the authentic side of the genre. They don’t add any modern element, but only ominous structures and great musical arrangements. Also, I liked it because of high musical skills, and I hear in complex sections and chaotic guitar riffs. My favorite track is “Lifeless Allurement” which contains distinctive sections full of furious guitar riffs, doomed drums and cathartic growls. I think it really represents what is about this dark entity. This is the kind of superlative Death metal EP’s that I’m sure will become a classic in some years. Keep an eye on this name, old skull metalheads! – (Victor Varas / Zombie Ritual Zine)

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