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Anachronistic and completely unmitigated by aught save their own selfish desires, Evil Priest arrive from Lima, Peru. The three songs that comprise their self-titled debut call to mind some recording washed up on the shore of the beaches of that pandemonium, Lima. Like the virgin copy of a sound that our dimension has since rendered a palimpsest. An alien artifact studied and transcribed without having first been deciphered. Offering a peek into another dimension where society collapsed in 1989 and jungles have usurped the cities as primitive and ancients fear have reclaimed the preoccupation of humans. A time and place in which death metal is played to ward off predators and bad spirits. Performed as it is, here and now by Evil Priest, the demo would appear to have the opposite effect. Haunted by vocals like hypnotic proclamations of unlocked malign spirits; stormy with drums that hold your pulse hostage; riffs like shadow archetypes that leap out from a deeply ingrained collective death-anxiety. – (Caligari Records)

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