ERRAUNT – The Portent LP

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Every so often, a band emerges and offers a piece of music that takes the reigning dogma of a genre and basically ignores it. The result is something alien but, for its vacancy of expectations, oddly familiar, like a dream bleeding into wakefulness.
Paradoxically, rarely does such ambition leave room for a gray area; either the work is a marked success or a disaster. In running such a risk, Erraunt manages to capture the same kind of magic present in albums like Ulver’s “Bergtatt…” or Ved Buens Ende’s “Written in Waters”.
Hazy, desolate, and mystical, The Portent is black metal unconcerned with popularity or satisfying a chip on its shoulder and is content, rather, to simply remain lost in its own dream.
The Portent was originally self-issued in May 2015 on cassette in an edition of 100 copies which sold out from the band within about a week.
Now re-issed on vinyl limited to 200 hand-numbered copies with a Black/Green/Metallic Silver spot color jacket and printed inner sleeve.
Includes 4 distinct tarot-styled prints housed in a bespoke, hand-crafted/printed, wax-sealed envelope.

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