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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS are proud to present a special split EP between DESEKRYPTOR and DRAGHKAR on cassette tape and 7″ vinyl formats. The tape version will be released on April 20th while the vinyl version will follow later around June 15th.

Striking while the iron's hot, this split between DESEKRYPTOR and DRAGHKAR follows respective cassette releases on BLOOD HARVEST last year. DESEKRYPTOR's track continues the gangrenous punishment of their Chasm of Rot EP, here with an added clarity that somehow makes their sepulchral Metal of Death even more miasmic and malodorous. DRAGHKAR also offer up a new track, here foregoing their more doomed-out style on the World Unraveled EP for a more uptempo style of death metal that nevertheless retains its old-school classicism. Together, both bands get in and get out, decimating the listener with nothing but the purest DEATH FUCKING METAL!

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