CAVURN – Rehearsal MLP

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Originally self-released last year on Bandcamp, Rehearsal was the very first public recording of the shadowy CAVURN. As such, this aptly monikered quartet from Washington State create a completely sepulchral brand of DEATH fucking METAL, slithering in the murk all doomed-out one minute, then righting itself into a rumbling fury of utter bestiality the other, crushing the listener with the utter physicality of everything whilst equally establishing an atmosphere of primordial dread. And as it's accurately titled, Rehearsal is indeed a rehearsal recording, but the unhallowed filth CAVURN create here soundly trounces most death metal bands' regular recordings; the blood and dirt are very real, and very impossible to deny. Enter CAVURN's Rehearsal and pray for reprieve from the horrors that lurk there!

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