VOËMMR – Nox Maledictvs LP

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We are told that Voëmmr recorded their debut album Nox Maledictvs during two nights in an abandoned farm in the Portuguese countryside. What we are not told, but may infer from the sounds they’ve created, is that they were not alone, but instead participated in a communion with spirits of the dead, assisted by witches, warlocks, and shape-shifting, void-dwelling entities stinking of sulphur.
Voëmmr are a secretive group ensconced in the Portuguese raw black metal scene, a part of the Aldebaran Circle which includes Ordem Satânica, Trono Além Morte, and Occelenbriig. Yet although you wouldn’t put the group under any genre heading other than black metal, it’s not exactly black metal in any conventional sense of the term either.

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