SPEWTILATOR – Inhale Awaits 7”EP

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Ancient Weed Grinding Nuclear Occult Metal.

Spewtilator brew up Metal Blade-era Slayer thrash, crossover intensity and Grindcore’s patented high/low vocal trade offs over three songs that revel in everything fast and pilled up.
Smoked out, beer drenched, headbangers belching burrito-tinged death breath since ’07. Blown out thrash metal onslaught by way of grindcore ethos and death metal precision. No politics, no retro bullshit, just gore-drenched worship of the fastest riffs. Conceived solely as a means to play house shows and drink free beer these dudes embarked on a journey that played no minor role in ending Atlanta’s reputation as a haven for nothing but second rate sludge metal and a city to skip for touring bands. Six years, two tape EPs, two split tapes, one 7″ EP, three tours, and five misdemeanors later and the bowl still isn’t cashed… Stages have been shared with the likes of Despise You, Brutal Truth, Pentagram (US), DRI, Obituary, Zeke, Verbal Abuse, Capitalist Casualties, Phobia, Wormrot, Vektor, Jucifer, Baroness, Cannabis Corpse, Magrudergrind, Municipal Waste…

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