NOCTURNUS – Ethereal Tomb LP (Gatefold)

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Death Metal. Usa.

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“As someone who had long given up on Nocturnus ever getting their shit together and giving us the followup to The Key that I’ve always desired, Ethereal Tomb was both a shock and a letdown. The shitty cover art and replacement ‘logo’ are among the most amateur crap I’ve ever seen, thus the aesthetic pleasure of their debut was not in the cards; and the music seems to lack the brutality of the formative Nocturnus. Yet, for all its flaws, this unexpected opus does one thing right: it sounds authentic, as if the band had never written the sophomore effort Thresholds and leaped straight into this. Not that the album is superior to that one, it comes up slightly short, but for at least a few songs, this was what I had long hoped to hear…” – (Autothrall –

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