DETERIOROT – Ceremonies Of Blasphemy 7EP

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Death Metal, Usa.

Unearthed from the past, this ancient relic is the very first studio material of the band, dating back to 1991 and actually the heaviest and best sounding DETERIOROT recording. Not afraid to show their influences from both sides of the ocean, being it the HM-2 powered guitar tone as a total worship of the SweDeath gods or the low frequency vocals that could rival the likes of INCANTATION and MORTICIAN who were the milestones in heaviness at the time, DETERIOROT were already on top of their game with their doom-laden, crushing style of Death Metal that every fan of BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY, early PARADISE LOST and ENTOMBED should worship. Unreleased until now, remastered in 2009 and featuring the original artwork by famous tattoo artist RICK SCHRECK.

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