DAZD – Dazd LP

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Hardcore. Serbia.

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Killer apocalyptic Hardcore from Serbia! This band is pretty wild; they bring together weird occult themes and imagery, their album art full of esoteric sigils, woodcut artwork, and surreal paintings from Jason Barnett, the lyrics exploring themes of anarchism, paganism, and earth magick, while the music is a mix of grim post-punk dirges a la Amebix/Killing Joke, psychedelia, and violent hardcore rituals, and also list Japanese maniacs GISM and cult Swiss metallers Hellhammer as influences. At first, Dazd start things off with a wasted doomed crawl, the opening track all stomping old school doom metal in the vein of Pentagram and Sabbath, heavy bluesy riffing creeping over reverb-drenched drums while screams echo in the distance; but the second track sets the tone for the rest of the album, beginning as a gloomy instrumental hardcore dirge, heavy winding bass and skronky, Ginn-esque guitar matched with droning riffs and spacey synthesizers, eventually starting to sound like a faster, more feral version of Amebix. From there, the album travels through fast hardcore punk fronted by snarling slobbering screams and delirious chanting, stretches of electronic noise and droning synths and Hawkwindian space fx, pounding metallic sludge, galloping old school metal, D-beat driven thrash, finally arriving at the wailing tribal punk dirge of “Duboko Duboko” where the band digs into another Killing Joke-esque jam with Hammond organs and emotional weeping vocals. Strange and unpredictable occult hardcore bound in amazing surreal imagery – Dazd are highly recommended for fans of brutal left-field HC.” – (Crucial Blast).

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