THE FLARE – Stardead 7”EP

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Ridden by a vision to draw a picture of obscure Heavy Rock soaked in a gloomy atmosphere, to evoke the desires that only come for real in dark,insomniac nights, German The Flare was formed in the last days of 2014 by D. Grave, who – with the exception of the drums – records all vocals and instruments himself.
Through dark channels unreleased demo recordings made their way to the Horror Records crypt and even in their raw, primordial form these haunting tunes radiated with an aura of obscurity and revealed a very accomplished songwriting.
Combining the weight and fury of Heavy Metal with a sometimes somber, melancholic expression, the hard rocking guitar riffs lead through the songs, sometimes being surrounded by vibrating, ghastly organ tones.
Inspired by a vast array of both Metal and non-Metal music, The Flare’s ghastly gothic compositions reflect this wide spectrum of influences all while showcasing an abundance of real riffs that make most current Metal bands deadly pale by comparision.
Now let the sun set and light the black candles for The Flare’s Haunting Grave Rock!

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