SAPIENTIA – Through The First Sphere Of Saturnus CD

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SAPIENTIA was formed in early 2012 by Ienpww (guitars, drums, vocals & organs) and 969 (bass & vocals). With this line-up they recorded a quite rough and raw demo which showcased their vision in creating dense, cavernous death metal with black- and doom metal influences with a raw and dark atmosphere. Later the same year, they went into Hyperborea Studios to record their first full length Opus ”Through the First Sphere of Saturnus”. The album features the drum virtuosity of Frater D. With him, SAPIENTIAs music went into a bit different direction, showcasing their more technical abilities and progression in songwriting.
As of 2014, SAPIENTIA has begun to compose material for a new opus, though this time in a more classical approach yet still retaining the dark death metal sound they are known for.
Expect a sacred marriage of light and darkness in early 2015.

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