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Obscyria is a fairly young band, both counting the ages of the members and the age of the band itself. Don’t let that fool you though. Being someone who has followed the band live and shared the stage together a couple of times, I am very familiar with Obscyria and their music and to say that the band has progressed since their demo is an understatement. The drumming has become tighter, the guitarist and bassist more comfortable in their roles and the vocals have become even more insane.

The album consists of 9 tracks of which two were found on their demo “Armageddon’s Reign”, which is also the opener on the album. There is a large variety of riffing, soloing and drumming and there’s no beating around the bush here, just straight forward old-school European style thrash metal with a bit of death metal influences and I sometimes hear a bit of black metal as well. The nine tracks (one which is more like an interlude), are being played at a faster pace most of the time, but also slowing down to create groovy and atmospheric parts.

The third track Phantom Slaughter features Martin Missy on backing vocals and both vocalists blend perfectly and it’s the only guest performance on the album.

The albums comes with a 16-page booklet containing all the lyrics with the standard band member photos and a sticker with the cool cover art on it. The production is crisp and clear with the right amount of grit and dirt.

The strong points of this album is the overall performance by each member, I especially like the vocals on this album and the tracks “Sect”, “Experiments” and “Vengeful Collision” which ends with a nice 12-string guitar piece, followed by drums and a slow and melodic solo. The contrast from ugly and harsh to somewhat melancholic is a nice way of ending an album.

While offering nothing new in particular, the songwriting is much better than most other new bands playing the same type of music and I would say that the only weak points of this album is the sont “Slaves to the Cross”, that the lead guitars lack a full tone, that the CD itself has the record labels logo a lot larger than the actual band logo and I also notice a slight volume shift between the first and the rest of the tracks. Other than that it’s all in all a good debut and I can’t wait to hear what they will come up with for their sophomore album. – (Porman / Metal-Archives.com)

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