METAL CROSS – Metal Cross 2×12”LP + 7”EP

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After years in the making, Horror Records proudly presents this anthology of what could easily read as the most underrated Danish Metal band from the ’80s. This anthology contains all studio material ever recorded: The “Crucifying The Virgins” demo tape (1986), the “Metal Outlet” compilation tracks (1987) and the “M.A.D.H.O.U.S.E.” demo tape (1988). Furthermore the band dug deep into their dusty archives and unearthed a soundboard live recording from their very last show ever in December 1989. Besides songs known from their demos and the compilation LP this recording contains no less than 6 previously unheard and unreleased songs which have never been circulated in any form whatsoever. To top things off an
additional uncirculated track from another soundboard live recording has been added as well, making it a total of 7 previously unheard songs.
As the original master tapes of the studio are no longer in existence, the studio material has all been taken from original demo cassettes and vinyl and the live shows have been taken from the master cassettes. All carefully mastered especially for vinyl at the renowned Lundgaard Studios by Charlie “Goodtime” Jensen who was also the producer on both original demo tapes, the songs have never sounded better and will stand as a posthumous monument for the amazing band that was Metal Cross! The packaging of the release more than does justice to the material presented and the album comes as a double LP with extra 7″ (with its own sleeve), all packaged in a heavy gatefold sleeve with stunning and very elaborate silver foil stamping on both front, back and inside the gatefold. Furthermore a 12-page 12″ x 12″ booklet which contains extensive liner notes from both vocalist Henrik and Horror Records, all lyrics, original demo covers, tons of rare and never-before-seen photos, magazine clippings etc. is included – all with silver printing added to suit the album’s sleeve!

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