MALLEUS – Storm Of Witchcraft 12”LP (Blood Harvest / Preorder)

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Release date: March 16th, 2018
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We proud to finally present the vinyl edition of ”Storm of Witchcraft” by America's MALLEUS!
Like a relic from a lost time, Storm of Witchcraft rages forward on a rusty 'n' crusty axis of Hellhammer, debut-era Bathory, and early Celtic Frost. However familiar it may sound on paper – and in execution, more so – MALLEUS nevertheless evince an engaging elan that's equal parts devilish fun and all-out evil, splitting the difference between alcoholocaustic gallop and dread-inducing downtempos. And it's aptly titled, too: Storm of Witchcraft possesses that ancient, old-world aura that puts this safely beyond simple “party music.” No matter how you choose to process it, Storm of Witchcraft is a poisonous first strike for MALLEUS!

All copies come on black vinyl.
The first 100 orders come with an A2 size Poster and two Stickers.
Album-cover sticker is 12×12.5cm (approx. 4.72×4,92 inches).
Logo sticker is 3.5×10.5cm (1.38×4.13 inches).

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