MALEFICENCE – Journey to the Depths TAPE

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Black Thrash. Belgium.

RELEASE DATE: May 10th, 2015.
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The second demo by this Belgian horde, crawling out of the sewers from Brussels dead city, was unleashed on tape by the band in the summer of 2014. Although the pressing of the tape was very confidential, it reached the ears of the Blood Harvest headquarters, a label known for its impeccable taste when it comes to authentic and solid extreme bands.
MALEFICENCE forged a frenetic Metal tainted in the black vomit of NIFELHEIM and FORCE OF DARKNESS for the evil side and the legacy of thrashing demons such as HELLISH CROSSFIRE and NOCTURNAL. This 4 trackers has it all when it comes to freshness, intensity, integrity and serious riffage. Although, this new recording by the band is not a total revolution compared to the first demo called « first spit », released in 2012, one can feel that it is better on every level. In my ears, this is one of the few Black/Thrash Metal bands that doesn’t get boring, simply because these guys can riff. That’s it, the riffs ! They are vicious as hell and the voice has that demented touch. On this recording, everything sounds in place and sincere. For the curious ghouls craving for new sensations, this band is definitely worth a try. Belgium is still purveying fine acts of Metal these days, and in the league of quality bands like POSSESSION, EMPTINESS, HORACLE, the wild MALEFICENCE stands strong. – (Nathaniel Colas)

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