GRAND BELIAL’S KEY – Goat Of A Thousand Young / Triumph Of The Hordes 2×12”LP

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Comes as a gatefold double black vinyl LP with 8 pages’ booklet that features an exclusive interview, lyrics, old pictures of the band, etc.

Tracks A1 to A5 are taken from the “Goat Of A Thousand Young” Demo, recorded in Gehenna on April 12th, 1992.
Tracks B1 to B4 are taken from the “Triumph of the Hordes” Demo, recorded summer solstice 1994 at The Dungeon, Arlington, Virginia, USA and originally released on December 13th, 1994

Tracks C1 to D2 are taken from a recording of GBK, live at the Bayou / Washington DC, 25/06/1995.
Track C3 is an alternative intro, which after all was not used for the “Goat Of A Thousand Young” Demo.
Track C4 is the first ever instrumental version of the track “Goat Of A Thousand Young”.

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