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Split release featuring 3 tracks each from Portland, Oregon’s Coffin Rot and Chicago’s Molder, two fast rising acts from the fetid soil of the death metal underground.
Coffin Rot leads the charge, upping the speed, intensity and ferocity of their self-titled demo and crushing their way through two new tracks, as well as a cover of Cancer’s classic, Hung, Drawn, and Quartered.
Following their well-received EP, An Act of Revenge, Molder deliver another putrid dose of stripped down, straight forward, old school sounds, built on a foundation of punk directness and simplicity, but wrapped in the gore-obsessed, blood soaked rags of pure death metal.
Features a cover of “Repulsive Death” by the legendary Chicago death metal band, Morgue.

Coffin Rot, Molder, Death Metal, Usa, Rotted Life

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