BAT – Cruel Discipline 7″EP

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In anticipation for their forthcoming debut album on HELLS HEADBANGERS, the unholy BAT unleash a scorching slab of 7″ vinyl, Cruel Discipline. Featuring two exclusive songs, Cruel Discipline lays bare BAT's raison crude & rude speed metal wreckage, with an extra helping of sleaze. In fact, both songs – the title track and its flipside, “Rule of the Beast” – spell out the power-trio's philosophy in no uncertain terms, and then grinds posers into the ground. Which is not surprising, considering BAT comprises metal lifers, their impressive lineup featuring ex-DRI drummer Felix Griffin, Municipal Waste’s Ryan Waste on vocals and bass, and Volture’s Nick Poulos on guitar. Beware of the BAT and obey their Cruel Discipline!


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