ECTOVOID – Dark Abstraction CD

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Dark Abstraction introduced a sound both strangely fresh yet impossibly ancient. With a moniker that gives more than a few clues into their sound, ECTOVOID recombine a whole host of eldritch influences – namely, very early Immolation and Incantation as well as Scandinavian death metal from the early '90s, both from Sweden but especially Finland – into an endlessly rolling 'n' roiling vortex that somehow manages to be “catchy” whilst evading more traditional verse/chorus structures. Perhaps this sonic magick is down the band being a trio, so locked in to these busy, bestial bursts and feeding off each other's close proximity – or perhaps it's more down to ECTOVOID understanding the inherent power of DEATH METAL and being reverential enough to not simply regurgitate someone else's (usually better) ideas. Either way, Dark Abstraction is a record that will pummel you physically and psychically, but will soon enough worm its way into your moral fibers, corrupting from within – and BLOOD HARVEST is honored to now spread that corruption on vinyl. – (Nathan T. Birk)

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