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Hi everyone!
I’m a bit behind on shipping out orders due to the current situation, and on top of that, damaging my hand a few days ago.
Anyway, I am now trying to catch up on shipping out the pre-orders for the Tomb Mold LPs as well as all new orders.
Hope to be caught up by the weekend…so all order will at least be shipped out beginning of next week.

Please keep in mind that due to the current state worldwide with the Cover-19 virus, shipments may take longer than usual to reach their destination.
Several countries have closed their borders and the Swedish postservice is currently unable to handle shipments to some countries.
Due to this fact, we are trying to keep up with the current restrictions and holding off on shipments to certain countries.
I will try to contact the people affected by these restrictions as soon as I am caught up with the current pile of orders.
Any questions, please e-mail us.

Thanks for your patience.
Stay safe!

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